30 Day Nitro+CHiRAL Challenge - Day 8: A character who you wish had a route

Mizuki - I feel like besides Tokino (I have other plans for him) this was the obvious answer. Better luck next time Mizuki, you will get in Aoba’s pants one day.

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arakita probably doesnt like imaizumi cause he’s 1 cm taller 

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おめでとう、クリア by Qり

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кυяσѕнιтѕυנι || JOKER 

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Aoba is the ultimate cutie~!

I tried to do some lineart while my internet was out ooohh/// I’m almost done with this semester so I’ll have more things to post soon~!

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The difference is clear.

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Some of the many expressions of Hinerdta Hinata Shouyou
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